Integrated Visualization and Self Service of Digital Assets (and much more) in SharePoint. Now with Video Transcoding

MediaRich® ECM for SharePoint brings robust, low cost, visualization and self-service of digital assets to Microsoft Office Systems. Leverage your investment in the Microsoft platform without having to move to another, more costly system. Reduce IT management overhead, training and productivity expenditures, while accelerating return on investment.

MediaRich for SharePoint 4.2 General Release
New Features include:

Batch metadata handling
Add or change 100+ metadata fields such as; Author Name, Instructions, Copyright information, and Custom Tags when uploading content into SharePoint, from any browser!
We support Industry Standard EXIF (Digital Camera metadata), customizable XMP (Adobe metadata) and IPTC (International Press Telecommunications) metadata.


SWF animations thumbnail and XMP metadata ingestion support
Web designers can now centralize, search, see and deploy SWF files from within all SharePoint products!

Video – Extended video capabilities and features added to release 4.1
Now export video to 88 different pre-defined settings on-demand, including pre-proxy generation Video Batching – Now can video process with segment transcoding to 88 pre-defined settings and can set the segment to be extracted and transcoded automatically from any point in each video. Admins can make and add additional settings files to any MediaRich Library. All metadata available is automatically extracted into SharePoint from Windows Media, Silverlight, Flash, and all QuickTime Media!

Additional Features:

  • Certified Unified installer for WSS 3.0, SharePoint Foundation Services 2010, SharePoint 2007 and the FINAL release of SharePoint 2010.
  • Improved automatic metadata extraction from all Adobe filetypes from XMP fields!
  • Improved file type and render support for PDF/AI/EPS & PS files.
  • Digimarc 4.0 SDK now supported (requires separate license) for export and batch embedding forensic watermarks from withing SharePoint.

Light Table Display

The 4.0 updated version of MediaRich for SharePoint contains a Light Table Display which many users have requested. Administrators can turn on a Light Table Display in the MediaRich ImageBrowser web part. The Light Table Display enhances both Browsing and MediaSearch results by letting users see more images at once in a compact column and row format. Administrators can configure the number of columns and what metadata fields display.

“A huge time savings. Nice.”

- Ron Sielinski, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Office Business Platform

“What really surprised me was that MediaRich lets users preview and zoom into other file types too, most notably PDF and all of the Office file formats. Since MediaRich updates the standard Document Library with thumbnails that support high-quality zooming and panning, users can quickly determine if a document is the right one, without having to download and open the files in their original applications, a huge time savings. Nice.”

-Ron Sielinski

Memorable branding creates a significant business advantage. To modify and distribute digital assets consistently and efficiently, enterprises need a sophisticated collaboration infrastructure that fosters creativity while protecting the integrity of image and video assets.

Now you can visualize and control digital assets enterprise-wide right in SharePoint with MediaRich for SharePoint

  • NEW – Batch Transcode Videos, add any filetype/settings you want to the list

  • NEW – Single Export Transcoder with 80 Popular Video Formats.
  • NEW – Filter Search Fields Using the MediaRich ECM for SharePoint Administration Page, administrators can select fields to hide from the Advanced MediaSearch Query Builder.
  • Control the costs involved in locating, managing, modifying, and delivering powerful, personalized images throughout your business.
  • Search, find, view, and distribute any image and video in SharePoint.
  • Visualize all of your media, Office documents, PDFs and 400+ file formats.
  • Streamline production workflows, reduce costs and accelerate time to publish.
  • Keep all of your files OUT of the SQL Database with our new StoragePoint Partnership.

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint includes an array of image processing operations that are fully integrated into the software, so that additional expensive image processing software is not required. It provides batch uploading of assets, including the ability to upload complete folders while preserving their directory structure from both Windows and Macintosh.

Requires Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, SharePoint Portal Server or MOSS 2007.

The installer is available in English, French, German, Korean, and Japanese.

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