Automatically process and assemble audio and video files on-demand and deliver to any device.

Patented media templating, automatic video conformance, and digital stitching enables on-demand assembly of new videos – regardless of format. MediaRich Server gives you an unparalleled level of granular control over media processing workflows. It streamlines your production workflow and complements your existing technologies, while reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market and publishing of rich visual content.

Streamlined Asset Production Through Templating
MediaRich’s video templating enables large numbers of videos to be dynamically generated and instantly deployed, significantly reducing the time and cost involved in developing and updating a Web site. MediaRich automatically generates and repurposes videos based on templates and user input. New business and marketing opportunities can be seized instantly, without getting bogged down in the production bottleneck.

Automatically Assemble Programming
MediaScript adds selective video assembling to hot-folder processing or dynamically to Web pages. Perfect for IPTV, virtually any post production transcoding need, wireless clip generation, video/audio personalization, advertising insertion, programmable bug composite, automatic fade-in/fade out, final copyright frame prepend/append, inserting timecode and automatically cutting and editing frame lists.

Read virtually any video format
You can instantly visualize and manipulate the original video source, dynamically assemble videos, and digitally funnel multiple media sources to create high-quality video output of any required size or format.

Media Processing On-Demand
Using Equilibrium’s patented templating and cache management system, you have the ability to request audio and video on-demand from any website location. You can template your video directly to any Web page using MediaScript and patented MediaRich Locators (MRL). MediaRich is compatible with content distribution networks (CDN) such as Akamai.

Powerfully Extend Your In-House Content Management System
Embed audio and video processing in content management (CMS) and digital asset management (DAM) systems. You can enable on-demand zoom and pan from any video frames, proxy video creation, video thumbnailing, and much more.

Deploy Content To Any Device, Anywhere
MediaRich provides the highest quality transcoding to any format or device.

Audio/Video File Format Support
MediaRich supports over 400 audio/video formats, and much more. Note: Some 3rd party filetypes require a purchase from the vendor of your choice.

Offload and Distribute Your Media Processing
Distributed batch processing of most video file formats for both Mac and Windows Servers including: MPEG4 (MP4), 3G (3G, 3GPP), iPod (M4V), AIFF, FLC, MP3, AU, Wave, DV Stream, WMV, and any MOV.

Metadata Support
Instant metadata extraction and ingestion of QuickTime MOV, MPEG4, OGG, iPod, MP3, AAC, and all other supported file types is enabled. This can be passed to a database in any form, including XML, ODBC, text, etc.

Detailed QuickTime Pro Codec Support
MediaRich includes animation, Pixlet Video, VC H.263, Cinepak, Component Video, DV, H.264, Motion JPEG, MPEG-4, Sorenson Video/3, Video.

Third Party Support
Third Party Exporters and Codecs are constantly being added to the support list. Current Windows Media support exists for Mac OS X via Flip 4 Mac (.WMV, .WMA), Flash Video (.FLV), DV/DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, and others.

Scene Selection and Extraction
You can automatically select scenes for instant creation as GIF animations. In addition, you can automatically create and export high definition video proof sheets to PDF template files or make still frame export selections.

Complete High Level MediaScript API
MediaRich comes with ready-made high level calls to enable Web designers or CMS engineers to hit the ground running. Our API extensions expose the automation power of MediaRich in a familiar ECMA Javascript environment for quickly creating dynamic audio/video processing applications.

Control MediaRich with Any API Desired
MediaRich integrates virtually anywhere – .NET Web service (C#, Visual Basic, J#, Perl, etc.), COM, HTTP MRL (MediaRich Locator), or JAVA.

Forensic Watermarking
Watermark assets on-the-fly as they are dynamically generated for delivery on the Web, ingested into a Digital Asset Management, or output to multiple channels, formats or devices instantly with Digimarc.

Built on our time-tested MediaRich Server Platform

Literally trillions of media assets have been served by Equilibrium MediaRich solutions for some of the largest Brand Management, B2B portals, and Web sites in the world.