Automatic Content Creation and Management – Streamline workflows, reduce costs, accelerate time to publish & create new revenue streams

Take total control of your videos, images and media and automate digital asset processing with MediaRich Server. Creative and development professionals working in the enterprise and for content publishers, online retailers, and global entertainment distributors rely on MediaRich Server to automate image processing, streamline production workflows and dramatically reduce production and development costs while creating revenue opportunities. Automate image, animation, sound and digital video production MediaRich is digital asset processing software that automates image, animation, sound and digital video production and enables on-demand delivery, virtually eliminating the need to pre-process content while creating an easy way to change content in-place for website, devices and apps!

Works with your workflow and IT environment MediaRich Server streamlines production workflow, complementing existing technologies while reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market for publishing rich visual content. It can interface with any infrastructure you have. MediaRich Server runs on Windows and Mac OS. Completely customizable with MediaScript MediaRich is a programmable platform build around MediaScript, an ECMAScript (JavaScript) compliant, robust and full featured, object oriented programming language that provides access to all of MediaRich’s features. By writing simple MediaScript scripts, MediaRich’s capabilities can be combined in any way necessary. MediaRich can power it all – from the largest ASP services or B2B portals, to the smallest in-house DAMs

MediaRich® Server 3.9.4 General Release for Windows and Macintosh: New visualization and powerful sales enabling technologies added

NEW – Unizoom™ mcommerce. Available for MediaRich Server customers. This enables Web sites and visual interfaces in webapps to be used in both browsers AND smartphones without any reprogramming. One zoom interface does it all! Compatible with any jQuery compatible browser including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Samsung devices, Motorola devices, all phones running Android OS, and more!

NEW – 360° Zoom and Pan on HD videos The fastest way to go from capture to publish to increased sales! Equilibrium’s ability to zoom and pan on any HD Video enables any e-tailer to dramatically decrease the time it takes to create stunning visual 360° videos on your website, or Web application, and then enable on-demand Flash or Unizoom™ for instant viewing, getting as close to the in-store experience as possible. Call your sales representative for our 360° sales enabling best practice document today! OpenOffice 3.2 with enhanced Metadata support Now import title, subject, author, manager, company, category, keywords and comments from office file types as part of the metadata API! NEW – Media 

Color Correct now has black point correction option added to MediaScript language Improved Expanded file type and faster render support for PDF/AI/EPS & PS files.

Additional Features:

  • NEW – Certified on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7, and Mac OS 10.5 Leopard & 10.6 Snow Leopard support
  • Improved automatic metadata extraction from all Adobe filetypes from XMP fields!
  • SWF animation frame handling and XMP metadata extraction support added to the metadata API